November 2017

Low propane supplies prompt N.D. governor to aide fuel delivery

30-day hours-of-service waiver
Photo: Cenex

Photo: Cenex


Bismarck, ND – North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, citing “extremely low inventories” of propane supplies, has waived the hours of service requirement which will allow extended time for drivers to get propane to distributors and customers.

The supply situation is the result of market disruptions caused by hurricanes and high-demand by farmers who need propane to fuel dryers for late harvested grain.

Mike Rud, Executive Director of the North Dakota Propane Gas Association, calls it a “proactive move.” He says it’s a priority to make sure customers have the necessary fuel should there be a cold snap and a repeat of what happened in 2013-2014 when there were extreme shortages of propane across 30 states and prices skyrocketed. Rud says the current situation affects about a half-dozen states in the upper midwest, including North Dakota. The waiver is in effect for 30 days.

Article courtesy:   (790 AM Fargo-Moorhead, ND)