Winter is coming, what do you have to sell?

Written on: November 4, 2013 by ICM

Winter is coming, what do you have to sell? Here we go again, cold weather and high fuel prices. Customers frustrated with the big bite out of their budget. This plays out every year in millions of home across the country. Most of our readers have been through it dozens of times and some through multiple generations. Regardless of the fuel, folks feel their heating bills are too high.
So, why do so many concentrate on just selling the fuel when what customers really need is and higher efficiency appliances and controls so they have some semblance of control over what they have to pay each year? I know I consider anyone who at least attempts to save me money to be my ally, even if I don’t purchase the new system.
In the oil market, I can’t not understand why we don’t see Bioheat® as the dominant brand for heating oil. Speaking as a consumer of oilheat, I would feel much better about my higher prices if I thought I was at least getting something better. I liken it to a gallon of milk jumping up to six dollars…there better be something special about that gallon of milk to make me feel like I am not being cheated or held hostage. Tell me it is fortified, or organic, or comes from happy cows…give me something to hang my hat on when I write the check. Bioheat® has a number of advantages that will appeal to many consumers-renewable, home grown, lower carbon emissions, etc. The Bioheat® brand is free to use and all the help you could want is available at
Consumers need help. Be their champion and let them see what you can do for them. Tell them now about upgrading their appliances, adding effective control strategies and about improved fuel.