Watts announces LF919 backflow preventer with flood sensor

Written on: August 3, 2023 by ICM

Watts has announced that flood sensing technology will now come standard on all of the company’s small diameter LF919 backflow preventers. Flood sensors can be easily activated with the purchase of an activation kit to let owners know if their valve discharges an excess amount of water.

Key benefits to this technology include:

  • A flood sensor will come pre-installed at the relief valve on all Watts small diameter LF919 backflow preventers
  • Once activated with the purchase of an activation kit, the flood sensor will detect excess discharge from the relief valve of the RPZ backflow preventer
  • Owners can receive multichannel alerts via email, text, and phone call of excess discharges

Activation kits include options for connecting to a building management system (BMS) or connecting through a cellular gateway.

For more information, visit watts.com.