Virtual Propane Expo kicks off 2021 schedule

Written on: March 4, 2021 by ICM

The 2021 Virtual Propane Expo began Thursday, March 4 with live presentations, found here: Virtual Propane Expo

2 pm: Odorization of Propane and Jurisdictional Accounts, with Chris Keyser of CS Keyser Consulting
Odorant Testing and Propane Jurisdictional Accounts: The Ignite with Tom Clark Series –
Propane companies that operate or maintain so-called Jurisdictional Accounts are subject to the requirements under 49CFR to monitor and document the testing for Mercaptan in odorized propane.
Chris Keyser of CS Keyser Consulting will talk abut the requirements and the technology used to measure and detest odorant to ensure it meets the requirements, as well as the documentation requirements for System operators.
Note this session is pre-recorded. Chris will be live at end of session
2:30 pm: Live: Current Propane Issues. including Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
-The State of Energy Podcast Series
The State of the Energy is broadcast in 394 cities and available on major podcast platforms. This week’s topic is Current Propane Issues. including Combined Heat & Power (CHP)


3:00 p.m: PERC’s Safety & Trainers Conference Recap from Feb 23-24
PERC’s National Safety and Trainer’s Virtual Conference Recap : Get the cliff notes on information for propane professional who has an interest in industry-specific educational methods and resources from PERC.
Recapped by Eric Kuster, PERC VP of Safety, Education, and Compliance
Eric leads the team that advises senior management and council on all matters related to safety, education, and code compliance. He helps guide the creation of innovative safety programs and directs the safety team’s ongoing work to transform workforce safety training materials to meet the evolving trends and demands of the Propane Industry

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