VentCool™ – Two Solutions for Free Cooling

Written on: September 9, 2016 by ICM

Kinston, NC–Field Controls has developed two VentCool™ systems to help contractors capitalize on free cooling and deliver energy efficiency. The VentCool Automated System “bolts on” to an existing forced air system and VentCool Whole House Fan works independent of the HVAC system. Both provide dramatic energy savings and fresh air ventilation. Now contractors have a choice.
The benefits of free cooling begin with dramatic energy savings. Free Cooling systems use up to 90% less energy than running compressor-based air conditioning units. As the cooler air circulates through the home, it cools the structure and everything in it. With this thermal mass cooling effect, traditional air conditioning isn’t needed until later in the day. This translates into less use of the AC system and greater cost savings.

The VentCool Automated Free Cooling System is completely automatic and works in concert with an existing forced air system via the Integrated Ventilation Relay Center (IVRC). Indoor/outdoor temperature sensors automatically signal ultra-quiet, positive seal dampers and engage the central fan to bring in cool air while exhausting warm air. With controlled intake and exhaust vents, windows and doors can remain closed, keeping the home safe and the air fresh.  Four models provide a variety of sizes and configurations. The system can be controlled via smartphone, tablet or computer