Trinks Consulting named Northeast distributor of Sanders' air filter

Written on: July 6, 2021 by ICM

Trinks Consulting Group LLC, Franklin, MA, has formed an agreement with Sanders Filters to be the Northeast U.S. distributor of Sanders’ Containment Air Filter. Terms of the deal were not revealed.
The HVAC air filters provide MERV 16 rated air filtration with filtration efficiencies up to 98.5% at 0.3 micron. Sanders Containment Filters do not require retrofitting to an HVAC system. The low-resistance air flow levels make this air filter unique, allowing Sanders Filters to be utilized in almost any HVAC system, Trinks Consulting said.
A webinar on July 15 will provide more detail about the filter and its exciting potential. Other key features and benefits of Sanders Containment Air Filters include:

  • Being made of a flat pad, roll material that is easily deployed into traditional HVAC systems.
  • The ability to reduce viral germ transmission in HVAC systems without requiring modification.
  • Containing suspended submicron particles the size of known pathogens found within building interiors.
  • Offering immediate fixed and portable submicron indoor air filtration options.
  • Sanders’ “DRAPE and TAPE” system bringing HVAC systems into compliance and exceed current MERV 13 standards.
  • Providing filtration in facility areas not serviced by standard system return vents.
  • Submicron particulate filtration efficiencies: MERV 13 Filters = <50% | Sanders Filters = <95% Range 1 [0.3-1.0 micron].

The webinar on June 15 at 2 p.m. (EST) will address indoor air quality for heightened IAQ compliance and an overview of the filers, the current need for such a containment filter, potential fixed and portable uses, and why organizations subject to stringent IAQ requirements can use these filters to ensure air quality.
Presenter: David Trinks R.Ph, CEO, Trinks Consulting