Tips to improve indoor air quality

Written on: October 20, 2020 by ICM

October is National Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Month. Southern Trust Home Services, an HVAC and plumbing company based in Roanoke, VA, has provided tips for homeowners to safeguard the health and comfort of their homes.
IAQ is an especially major concern in 2020 as many Americans continue to work from home and spend time indoors, putting increased pressure on HVAC systems to provide proper filtering, circulation and ventilation, Southern Trust said.
“While we’re adapting to working and schooling from home, it’s critical to understand that spending so much time in one place can contribute to an unhealthy and uncomfortable indoor environment,” said Ted Puzio, Owner of Southern Trust Home Services.
“Without a properly functioning HVAC system to manage air flow, allergens, pollen and other irritants can accumulate. Poor IAQ also contributes to mold and bacteria in the home.”
Tips to improve IAQ include:

  • Using high-quality air filters, and change them frequently;
  • Considering technology such as irradiation, thermal cleansing, high-tech filters, ionized purification filters or ozone generators to optimize air flow and combat airborne irritants;
  • Replacing older HVAC units with new, more efficient systems to ensure better filtration and more reliable operation, while also reducing energy costs and
  • Scheduling a professional inspection to evaluate IAQ equipment and needs.

“The quality of your home environment is always important, but it’s become an acute concern this year,” Puzio said. “If you have any questions about your home’s IAQ or the options available to fit your situation, consult an HVAC professional.”