State of Energy Podcast Series to be part of Virtual Propane Expo

Written on: January 27, 2021 by ICM

Virtual Propane Expo has announced that it has entered into an agreement with propane industry leader Tom Clark and his popular podcast series The State of Energy. Clark is a propane industry veteran living in Utah and has been the executive for the Rocky Mountain Propane Association since 2016.

Tom Clark

“The series will be incorporated into regularly scheduled VPE days starting in March of 2021”, said Shane Sweet of  “We intend to have Tom’s podcast as an integral part of our regular sessions in 2021, as well as featuring Tom as moderator for a number of our Spotlight Interviews with industry vendors”

Tom Clark has been producing the podcast series since February 2020 and produces a new session roughly once a week. “The podcast series is currently heard in 32 Countries and 388 cities around the world, said Clark.  “Topics generally are related to propane or issues affecting propane, the sessions typically run about 30 minutes in length”

The State of Energy is also broadcast on 5 talk radio stations as a consumer messaging tool delivered in long form advertising. The show has even caught the ear of local state congressman Steve Handy as he walks his dogs on Sunday mornings. Tom Clark says Rep Handy says he’s learned a lot about propane from the show and was happy to include propane in the recent Ban the Bans Bill that the local natural gas company had presented.


Tune into the State of Energy weekly to learn how to IGNITE the Propane conversation with your customers here.

Available on all major podcast services including Apple, Google, Spotify, Pandora, and I-heart radio.