July 2020

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Oil & Energy Service Professionals (OESP) is hosting a series of live classes during the virtual 2020 Eastern Energy Expo (EEE) in August. See the full schedule below.

Tuesday, August 4

9 a.m.: Above Ground Storage Tanks and today’s Ultra-low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO)—Mark Smith, Barry Aruda, Advanced Fuel Solutions
10:30 a.m.: Heat Loss for Hydronic systems—Dave Holdorf, Taco
12 noon: High Efficiency Boilers – Operation and Service—Bob Melinis, Weil-McLain
7 p.m.: Understanding Combustion and Blind Adjustments: The Art of Oil Burner Setup—Angel Gonzalez, Carlin/Hydrolevel

Thursday, August 6

9 a.m.: Foundations of Hydronics—Tim Doran, Weil-McLain
10:30 a.m.: Circulator Sizing in Hydronic Systems—Dave Holdorf, Taco
5 p.m.: Saving Customers Fuel & Adding Comfort with Hydrolevel’s Fuelsmart Hydrostat—Bruce Graham, Carlin/Hydrolevel

Friday, August 7

9 a.m.: NORA Controls—Bob O’Brien, Technical Heating, Rich Simons, Laars Heating Systems

Tuesday, August 11

9 a.m.: Leak Check, Pressure Test, Flow and Lock Up. When How and Why—Adam Scheuritzel, Dave Newman, F.W. Webb
10:30 a.m.: The Ultimate Debate Zone Valves vs Zone Circulators—John Barba, Taco
12 noon: Live Well: Learn About the New Trends in the Market and New Products with Resideo, Honeywell Home?—Lou McKay, Resideo
1 p.m.: Steam Boiler Operations—Tony Calderone, Weil-McLain
7 p.m.: Diagnostic Primary Controls – Carlin PROX 70200. Set up and Diagnostic Tools Controls Track—Bruce Graham, Carlin/Hydrolevel

Thursday, August 13

9 a.m.: Pumps and Piping—Charles Masone, R.W. Beckett
11 a.m.: Residential Liquid Fuel Tank Installation per NFPA31 guidelines—Jim Todd, R.W. Beckett
3 p.m.: Connected Tank Gauges and the Future of Fuel Level Monitoring—Jeff Rozga
5 p.m.: How to Recruit and Market to Military Veteran and Millennial Candidates—Jesse Lord, Veterans Education and Transition Services

Tuesday, August 18

9 a.m.: ECM Blower Motors. How To Check Them Before You Condemn Them—Scott Vadino
10:30 a.m.: The Truth About Variable Speed Circulators; What They Do and Don’t Do—John Barba, Taco
5 p.m.: Carlin CAP System – Outside Combustion Air Proving System—Angel Gonzalez

Thursday, August 20

10:30 a.m.: High Efficiency Boilers – Operation and Service—Bob Melinis, Weil-McLain
12 noon: Gas Tankless Water Heaters – Adding Gallons to the Bottom Line—Kevin Morgan, Rinnai America Corp.
3 p.m.: Installation Guidelines for Conversion Power Gas Burners—Jim Todd, R.W. Beckett

To RSVP, visit: https://easternenergyexpo.com/technical-education-live/