Rollie Technology’s Tank Monitoring Improves Oil and Propane Delivery Efficiency

Written on: November 28, 2016 by ICM

William Pierce of Rollie Systems and Charles Brand of Hart & Iliff Fuel and Energy Systems announced the formation of Rollie Technology LLC to bring Rollie’s Intelligent Tank Monitoring technology to the fuel oil and propane delivery markets nationwide. The solution makes use of ultrasonic sound waves and WiFi to precisely measure and report the amount of fuel in a customer’s tank. The technology substantially lowers delivery costs by allowing dealers to optimize the size of their deliveries. Rollie’s Tank Monitoring system is compatible with most back office software providers.

The partnership leverages Rollie’s 15 years of experience with remote tank monitoring, originally in large ships at sea. Rollie Technology LLC’s in-house engineering and manufacturing capability will allow it to keep its costs low and meet demand for this innovative product in high volumes.
“Any dealer that uses this technology will know exactly how much fuel is in every customer’s tank. This will give them a significant operating advantage over their competitors,” commented Charles Brand.
Remote tank monitoring is also customer friendly since it eliminates all worry about ever running out of fuel. Dealers make fewer deliveries, which means less hassle and disruption for families.
For more information, or to request a free trial monitor, visit Rollie Technology LLC’s website at or call 978-297-0332.
About Rollie Systems
Rollie Systems designs and manufactures tank heaters and tank monitoring systems for the fuel, propane and bulk storage industries at their facility in Orange, MA.
About Hart & Iliff
Hart & Iliff delivers fuels and provides HVAC Services to customers in Northwest New Jersey from their facility in Newton, NJ.