Puzzle answer and winners from ICM's May/June 2019 issue

Written on: July 11, 2019 by ICM

QUESTION: Summer Vacation Mystery
You are lying on the beach, enjoying your vacation. An ocean-going party boat slowly cruises by. The people on board are having a great time. They are drinking, dancing and enjoying dinner on deck. You watch the boat as it slowly disappears over the horizon.
Two days later, you are on the same beach and the same boat cruises by. You sit up to look at it. There is not one single person on board. No one has jumped overboard and no one has drowned. No one has disembarked and the boat has not sunk. They did not encounter pirates, sharks or killer whales, nor did they succumb to illness. They are not sleeping inside.
What happened to the people on board?

ANSWER: There is not one single person on board because they got married! This is a wedding cruise. The ship’s captain (also a married man) performed the ceremonies and they all enjoyed a short honeymoon in St. Lucia.
Last puzzle’s ICM Brainiacs…

  • Curtis Reynolds, White Mountain Oil & Propane, NH;
  • Frank La Franco, St Patrick’s Home for Aged, NY;
  • Arthur Franklin, Aaron & Company, NJ;
    Peter Hornik, Peter Hornik Plumbing & Heating, CT;
  • Bill Bacon, Bacon Brothers, CT;
  • Jerry Guthro, Medway Oil & Propane, MA;
  • Scott Williams, Branford Winnelson, CT;
  • Ken Field, Field’s Service, PA;
  • Mary Ann Mcintyre, Krall Oil, CT and
  • Don Smith, Dons Handyman Service.