Plan Your Fall Marketing Now, Before You Get Too Busy

Written on: September 12, 2022 by Jennifer LeClerc

When it comes to managing your oil, propane or energy company, we’re willing to bet you use some type of schedule or calendar to keep track of your to-dos and operations. Why not utilize the same strategy when it comes to planning your marketing? Planning ahead takes stress off your plate and optimizes your schedule to help you reach your goals.

 Proactively Address Fuel Prices
Prices are extremely volatile lately, and customers expect you to promote how you’re doing your best to offer competitive pricing. Communicate honestly and openly about what your company is doing in response to surging fuel prices and offer alternative solutions to make fuel prices more manageable like signing up for a budget or pricing plan. Emphasize that, while fuel prices are out of your control, you’re doing everything you can to make their cost as fair as possible. Successfully communicating these details will prevent your hard-earned customers from shopping around this Fall.

Come up with a clear, concise and authentic message and work that into direct marketing pieces like email marketing or a seasonal newsletter, where customers expect to get important updates from your company.

 Fill Job Openings with a Streamlined Hiring Process
If you’re looking to find qualified candidates to fill driver and technician roles, now’s the time to hire. Don’t wait until delivery requests start rolling in by the dozen to start looking for seasonal drivers. Companies like ours can create, optimize, post and monitor your job ads to maximize the number of qualified inquiries you receive.

 Set Goals for the Season and Focus Your Marketing Efforts
Outlining objectives for the year will give you something to focus your marketing efforts on. You can do this yourself or outsource to a qualified marketing company that can use its experience and staffing to take these important responsibilities off your plate.

Start by taking a step back. Ask, what are our top two goals for this season? Maybe you’re looking to expand your customer base in a specific area, or you’d like to increase service plan enrollment.

Identifying measurable goals will help your Fall marketing strategy take shape. From there, you can consider your audience, the best channels to utilize and the most effective messages to appeal to your targets. Some examples can be:

* Target existing customers to increase service plan enrollment through an email marketing campaign.
 * Expand your customer base in a specific town with targeted social media and pay-per-click advertising.
 * Increase traffic to your website by refreshing its design, updating programming and incorporating more SEO-friendly content.

Keep this checklist handy when planning your Fall marketing strategy and you’ll be able to go into the busy season with clear goals and a focused plan to get significant results. ICM

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