Philadelphia HVAC experts suggest early maintenance

Written on: March 3, 2020 by ICM

As we enter March, Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning of Philadelphia suggests homeowners stay a step ahead of spring with a home HVAC and indoor air quality (IAQ) checklist. 
“Taking care of your HVAC and air quality now gives you time to address any unforeseen maintenance issues,” said Joseph Giannone, owner of Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. “If you wait until the first hot, humid day to prep your home, you could be facing a couple of uncomfortable day—or worse, if you turn the AC on and find out your HVAC needs repair or replacement.”
Giannone recommends homeowners start with some simple spring cleaning tasks and co-it-yourself maintenance before calling in the pros:

  • Performance test: turn on the AC on the next warm day as a trial run.
  • Indoor spring cleaning: get rid of inside irritants before they’re circulated by fans and AC, change the AC filer and watch for excess moisture, which can lead to mold
  • Outdoor spring cleaning: remove outdoor debris around the HVAC unit and inspect for plants that could compromise HVAC performance (weeds, grass, tree roots)
  • Energy efficiency: add insulation where possible and seal off any openings around doors and windows that allow outside air in
  • Clear the air: test exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms, test ceiling fans and consider a portable or whole-home ventilator system for an IAQ upgrade or a dehumidifier
  • Call a professional: an experienced HVAC professional can provide a more thorough inspection and may identify issues before they require expensive maintenance, repair or replacement

“Planning ahead saves time in the long run, and repairs and replacements generally cost more than maintenance,” Giannone said.