April 2021

Opinion piece offers suggestions to meet Maine’s greenhouse emissions goals

Targets oilheat boilers

According to an opinion piece by the Maine Monitor, Maine is on track to install 100,000 air-source heat pumps by 2025 to boost the use of renewable energy and replace oil heat burners.

However, Maine is the state most reliant on heating oil, with 60% of households heating with fuel oil, 12% with propane and 8% with natural gas.

This is causing a dilemma to meet ambitious goals set by the Maine legislature to reduce greenhouse emissions. The author suggests strategies such as ending incentives on fossil fuel technology, such as for commercial-scale gas and oil boilers.

Read more here: https://www.penbaypilot.com/article/maine-needs-strategic-plan-policy-changes-get-households-businesses-fossil-fuels/144949