Nortek Global HVAC celebrates 100-year anniversary

Written on: February 7, 2019 by ICM

Nortek Global HVAC, St. Louis, MO, is hailing its 100th birthday in 2019. The anniversary kicked off at the 2019 International Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigerating (AHR) Expo in January and will continue throughout the year. The year-long celebration will focus on past innovations and future prospects.
Founded as the International Oil Heating Co. in 1919, and later Nordyne in 1987 and Nortek Global HVAC in 2015, the company initially rose to success manufacturing coal-to-oil conversion furnace burners, which burned more cleanly. Later, the company introduced even cleaner gas-fired burner conversions. Other important technological milestones include:

  • Designed, built and installed the first heater for mobile homes in 1933
  • Created the first fully-automatic mobile home furnace, first sealed combustion oil furnace for mobile homes, and the first electric hot water self-contained baseboard heaters
  • Used a newly-developed manufacturing process, Demand Flow Technology (DFT) in 1994
  • Launched SmartLite technology in 2002 to extend igniter life through self-adjusting startup times and iQ Drive, the first ducted application of inverter technology, in 2006
  • Introduced a residential condensing gas/electric packaged system, the R8HE, in 2014
  • Recently unveiled the first all-aluminum coil technology for use in residential HVAC applications
  • Patented a new methodology for the air conditioning industry in 2018

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