Noritz introduces the No Roof Kit

Written on: August 16, 2023 by ICM

Noritz America, a manufacturer of tankless water heaters, has removed the need for roof access during tankless installations with its new No Roof Kit accessory.

In addition to eliminating the contractor’s need to climb on the roof to install venting for the tankless water heater, drilling holes in the wall for exhaust is also no longer needed with the No Roof Kit. Best suited for single-story homes and attic installs, the No Roof Kit is sold separately from the Noritz model of choice and includes all the necessary components for installation.

Those components include three, 36-inch polypropylene (PP) pipes and a PP-PVC adaptor, a 2-inch single vent (SV) conversion kit and a diffuser kit. To use the kit, a pre-existing, 3- or 4-inch circular B-vent, no longer than 8.5 feet, with a straight vertical shot from the ceiling to the roof, is required.

Installation of the No Roof Kit involves the following:
    •The installer connects the diffuser to the top of the first PP pipe, securing it with a ceiling clamp.
    •A spacer is then added to ensure proper height between the pipe and the rain cap, allowing sufficient airflow for the exhaust of the water heater.
    •The first pipe is then attached to a secondary PP pipe, using aluminum tape, and then pushed into the existing circular B-vent.
    •The third pipe is secured, using aluminum tape, and a base junction adaptor is installed at the end of that pipe.
    •The PP-PVC adaptor is then secured to the base junction adaptor.
    •Finally, the tankless water heater unit is mounted, and the PP-PVC adaptor is attached using PVC elbows and straight pipe. (PVC parts are field supplied.)

The redesigned 2-inch SV conversion kit carries a sleeker look, allowing air to enter the unit to be used for combustion, while permitting the exhaust to move through the No Roof Kit, using the B-vent as a chase.

The No Roof Kit, at half the price of the current flex kit, can be used with the Noritz EZ98 and EZ111, as well as the Noritz NRCR Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heater Series.

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