NORA kicks-off new era in R&D

Written on: June 9, 2014 by ICM

Brookhaven National Laboratories, long a place of research and innovation, was the perfect location for the National Oilheat Research Alliance to kick-off a new era of R&D. NORA held its first R&D conference/workshop since Congressional re-authorization at the renowned venue on June 3-4. The current NORA statute requires NORA to allocate no less than 30% of its annual budget to research and development of new oilheat products, systems and solutions to benefit the seven-million homes and businesses using heating oil for space heating and hot water.
Participating in the Conference/Workshop were a mix of oilheating marketers, installers, technical experts, manufacturers and other interested parties. The event was hosted by BNL’s Dr. Thomas Butcher and NORA’s president, John Huber. Over the two days, the participants heard up-dates of the current state of R&D. Following this, the group was dived into smaller “working groups” where specific ideas and directions for future R&D were brainstormed and subsequently presented to the conference as a whole for discussion and weighting. Among the covered topics were: renewable Bioheat® blends, high efficiency heating equipment, fuel quality and advanced heating controls.
Research & Development funds will be allocated based upon careful review by the NORA Executive Board, Board of Directors and the Research & Development Committee. The Conference/Workshop’s intent was to continue the process of moving oilheating technology forward and to provide maximum benefit for America’s oilheat consumers.