New oil/propane safety & compliance working group takes shape

Written on: August 3, 2020 by ICM

In late July, a new group of retailer energy marketer safety and compliance professionals formed a “working group,” which is issuing a call for new members in the heating oil and or propane retailer markets located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States.
The group will act as a forum for safety and compliance discussions beginning this month and continuing on a periodic basis, as well as a place to exchange ideas, discuss policy initiatives and their implications, and share solutions to common safety and compliance issues. The free, 30-minute gatherings will be held via video chat.
“The concept for the Working Group is simple,” said Dave Latourell, Director of Safety and Transportation at Paraco Gas. “An efficient, focused, easy-to-use environment for safety and compliance fuel professionals in the propane and heating oil spaces provides a vehicle for sharing of useful information we all need and use.”
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