Miller's busts HVAC myths for homeowners

Written on: September 16, 2021 by ICM

Knowing what’s true and what’s false about an HVAC system can be tricky. Over the years, seasoned homeowners have shared their experiences with new homebuyers, passing down heating and cooling myths that often get mistaken for truths. Forty-year-old Norfolk, VA-based HVAC company, Miller’s Heating & Air Conditioning, is taking time to bust open some HVAC myths that may confuse homeowners.
As local homeowners start to schedule their end of summer maintenance, Miller’s is setting the facts straight on HVAC systems. Keep these five things in mind.
It is true that air filters need to be changed more than once a year.
Dirt and grime collect on filters and can clog a system and reduce airflow. A system’s efficiency can be boosted by regular air filter changes. Every three months is recommended.
It is false that a bigger HVAC system is always better.
Systems that are too large will cycle off and on, which decreases efficiency, costs money and wastes energy. Installing the right-sized system is the key to energy savings and higher efficiency.
It is true that the placement of the thermostat matters.
Placing a thermostat in a room that gets direct sunlight or in kitchens where stoves can heat up are the worst locations for thermostats. Instead, thermostats should be installed on interior walls of a room where quality time is spent—such as the family room. Keep them far from drafty windows and vents, too.
It is false that closing vents in certain rooms will increase energy efficiency.
Closing vents isn’t always a good idea. Closed vents actually increase air pressure in the air ducts—and sometimes cause leaks at the seams.
It is true that the lifespan of a system can be increased with professionally cleaned ducts.
Cleaning air ducts reduces dirt buildup and boosts indoor air quality. When a system doesn’t have to work twice as hard due to dirty ducts, it lasts longer.
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