METUS expands P-Series wall mounted indoor units lineup

Written on: January 11, 2022 by ICM

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) has expanded the P-Series Wall-mounted Indoor Units (PKA) lineup for residential and commercial single-zone applications with two new PKA models—12 KBTU/H and 18 KBTU/H.

PKA Wall-mounted Indoor Units provide consistent, reliable zoned comfort for a variety of spaces, METUS said. Engineered to provide peace of mind to the building owner and its occupants, the new models operate at nearly whisper-quiet sound levels as low as 34 dB(A). They offer a sleek, compact design with simple installation ideal for light commercial spaces, including churches, classrooms, daycare centers, small offices or equipment rooms.

“We’re pleased to unveil the latest advancements to the PKA lineup,” said Chris North, Senior Specialist, Product Marketing, METUS. “The units have always been quiet, but the 2 dB(A) reduction in sound levels in the new 12 and 18 KBTU/H models makes a big difference to those spending time near the equipment every day.”

Additionally, the new PKA 12 and 18 KBTU/H models are available in selectable high sensible or high latent modes. High latent mode offers enhanced moisture removal in the conditioned space. High sensible mode suits spaces where enhanced moisture removal is unnecessary and the unit runs constantly.

PKA 12 and 18 KBTU/H models are compatible with PUY, PUZ and PUZ Hyper-Heating (H2i®) INVERTER® outdoor units. Other key system details include:

  • Reduced sound levels, now down to 34 dB(A)
  • Increased efficiency (models offer a SEER rating of up to 21)
  • ENERGY STAR® certification for PKA-A12LA
  • UL 60335-2-40 compliance
  • Many controller options for easier operation
  • kumo cloud® app
  • kumo touch™ wall-mounted wireless controller
  • Wired models (Simple MA, Deluxe MA, Touch MA) or handheld wireless (PAR) controllers
  • Third-party interface options

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