Maine heating oil company helps warms hearts (and homes)

Written on: February 15, 2017 by ICM

By Don Carrigan , WCSH-6, Portland, ME

DAMARISCOTTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Damariscotta fuel company Colby and Gale gave free fill-ups to a dozen selected customers for Valentine’s Day, and brought them cards, candy and flowers, too.  Matt Poole, one of the company’s managers, said the idea began last year with another Maine company, and that Colby and Gale and a few others decided to pick it up this year. “It (makes) an extra special day, more than the normal Valentine’s Day, and just kind of helps the community and helps people,” said Poole.
A specially decorated oil truck, wrapped in red with a big “love” on the sides and back, rolled into one customer’s driveway as she was outside watching. But Georgia Woodman had been told the company was coming to inspect her tank and was overwhelmed when they came up and said she was getting free heating oil. She works a full-time job and a second job to support herself, and was grateful for the gift.  “It makes a big difference it really does. It helps a lot,” she said.
The company delivered to other homes, including at least one where they had to shovel a path to reach the door of the elderly lady who lives there. At another, the 65-year old woman who owns the home had shoveled a path of her own, about forty feet from the street to the oil filler pipe, because she wanted to make sure she could get a delivery. When told of the Valentine’s Day gift, Nancy Perkins said it was “awesome”. Her housemate called it ”very sweet and heartwarming”.
The two-man delivery crew agreed. Ralph Eugley and Tim Pratt volunteered for the Valentine’s Day project and said they were having a good time. “No words can explain it. Pretty cool, very special,” said Pratt.  “To see the joy on their face after receiving the fuel it’s priceless,” added Eugley. For Matt Poole, giving the oil, he said, just felt good. “It’s awesome. It’s better than Christmas.”
Article courtesy of WCHS-6Portland, ME