Israeli HVAC maker Tadiran enters U.S. market

Written on: May 1, 2019 by ICM

Israeli HVAC manufacturer Tadiran has launched its products in the U.S. Tadiran, in operation since 1962 has unveiled six products, including Inviz, an innovative condensing unit that can be mounted in enclosed places like attics, crawl spaces and garages.
Tadiran specializes in producing efficient, eco-friendly ACs and offers: Tadiran Inviz, a unique, low-profile condensing unit, designed to maintain a building’s aesthetic by creatively hiding the unit within the building, eliminating the need for outdoor installation; Tadiran Hybrid, an advanced, smart system that combines AC and home water heating; and Tadiran Connect, full IoT solution for air conditioning systems which enables bi-directional three-way communication between the end user, service center and the air conditioning unit.
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