Introducing the Smart Meter by Cavagna Group

Written on: January 2, 2024 by ICM

The Prodigi Ultrasonic Smart Gas Meter by Cavagna Group measures gas flow and communicates the data electronically, allowing companies to provide and deliver a reliable quality product efficiently and accurately and maximizes their resources.

The device uses a static measurement technology that does not include any moving mechanical components that will wear out over time. It features a high level of accuracy and a minimum pressure loss.

A high-performance ultrasonic sensor by Panasonic is designed to accurately measure the volume of LPG/Propane.

The Prodigi’s step-motor valve by Panasonic allows the flow of gas to be shut-off remotely. The step-motor valve is located after the gas inlet. Being able to remotely shut off the valve, eliminates the need to physically send a service technician to manually shut off the gas flow. This can be useful for economic benefits where the gas company does not have to send a service technician to the location. Thanks to this valve, the gas company can close the gas flow remotely of a specific meter and avoid entering the property of the end user.

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