HVAC technician platform Bluon names Danica Bunnett as COO

Written on: August 16, 2021 by ICM

Irvine, CA-based Bluon, Inc., an HVAC support platform, has promoted Danica Bunnett to COO. Bunnett has been with the company for more than four years. The fast-growing platform currently serves 60,000 of the nation’s HVAC service technicians; the mobile app offers aggregate detailed technical information on more than 40,000 unique HVAC models.

Danica Bunnett

“Danica is an amazing human and partner,” said Peter Capuciati, Chairman & CEO of Bluon. “She energizes the company and has shown herself to be a dynamic innovator who is proficient at leading both seasoned teams and young millennial professionals in a tech startup. She is helping to redefine what it means to be an executive in the HVAC space through her fearless leadership that has garnered the respect and admiration of her colleagues.”
Bunnett is an alumna of Stanford University and brings an engineering and technical background to her new position.
“I am thrilled and honored to be working alongside an incredible team of innovators to bring about real change in a massive and overlooked industry,” Bunnett said. “Our team moves extremely quickly, uniquely positioning us to solve some of the largest inefficiencies in the industry.”
Bluon’s mobile app that offers tools, training and 24/7 tech support to HVAC technicians in the field to help them be effective and efficient on the job.