HVAC Licensing Grandfathering Period: Only Four Months Left!

Written on: May 8, 2014 by ICM

NEWARK, NJ – There are only four months left for individuals wishing to obtain a grandfathered HVAC license since the window closes August 31, 2014.
To be eligible for a grandfathered HVAC license, an individual must demonstrate they have been in the business of designing, installing, maintaining, or servicing HVAC systems for a minimum of two years prior to application. Once the deadline passes an individual must then go through a five year apprenticeship and journeyman process and pass an exam to get a license. To apply for a grandfathered license click here.
FMA has been contacted by a member which has an employee that has received his license.  The letter (click here) from the HVACR Board here confirms that all licensees need a surety bond but only those licensees that serve as the bona fide representative of the HVAC contracting entity needs to procure the minimum $500,000 liability insurance.
At the recently concluded FMA regional meetings, the single largest point of controversy was regarding issues surrounding the BFRs, especially the oversight of apprentices. Click here to read the letter FMA has sent to the Board of Examiners of HVACR Contractors on this issue.