HVAC EC fan maker makes a serendipitous decision to buy a warehouse

Written on: July 5, 2021 by ICM

Earlier this year, Berkeley Heights, NJ-based HVAC company Mainstream made an undisclosed investment in a fully stocked warehouse. This deal has paid off for the company now that HVAC materials are in short supply, worldwide. Mainstream manufactures engineered fluid and air equipment, such as energy-efficient EC fan arrays.
Industry-wide material shortages, shipping delays and the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted the prices and availability of HVAC materials. There is also a scarcity of raw materials used to build HVAC equipment and labor shortages, Mainstream said.
However, due to Mainstream’s warehouse investment, lead times on the company’s made-to-order EC fan arrays take just weeks, not months like competitors, the company said in a press release.
“I wish I could say I had the precognition to see the shipping and materials crisis on the horizon,” said Mainstream CEO Jim Markham. “But my decision to significantly increase inventory levels a few months ago was mostly centered around a measurable and growing increase in demand for EC fan systems.”
Mainstream has made EC fans for more than a decade, and continues to remain on the cutting edge, developing ways to refine the process of designing, replacing and installing fan arrays. With a focus on delivering expertly engineered solutions with unmatched speed and responsiveness, the company has seen a growing demand for their IntelliCUBE EC Fan arrays that allow for expedited retrofitting of air handling units.
“Retrofitting aging AHUs with EC fan arrays will soon become standard. The energy and maintenance-related cost savings are just too attractive to ignore,” added Markham.
Source: https://publishedpr.com/news/new-jersey-based-hvac-company-mainstream-s-investment-in-fully-stocked-warehouse-pays-off-among-increase-in-demand-2.html