How HVAC company Jennings overcame pandemic challenges

Written on: May 24, 2021 by ICM

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Akron, OH-based Jennings Heating & Cooling launched the Virtual Advisor, a program that allowed the company’s technicians to do virtual home visits and remotely troubleshoot, evaluate and diagnose issues whenever possible.
Mike Foraker, owner Jennings, was able to offer this innovative virtual visit at no charge to new and existing customers during the pandemic.
“The virtual visit was intended to provide troubleshooting assistance and offer solutions for some of the more common and simple HVAC equipment problems and failures,” a Jennings spokesperson noted, adding that an advisor could also provide estimates for service.
If the issue could not be resolved during the virtual visit, an on-site service would then be scheduled, and conducted with a number of safety measures in place.
For example, in addition to social distancing, the technicians have worn shoe covers, latex gloves and a face mask, and also disinfect every surface that they come in contact with during the service call. They also provide customers with a disposable stylus that they can use to sign for payments and repairs.
Foraker said he is immensely proud of his team for the way they handled the challenges associated with working during a pandemic, and he is also grateful to his customers for their patience with the company, which is also celebrating 90 years in business. For more info, visit