November 2018

Haffner’s acquires Ayer Oil

Cetane Associates LLC announced that HEG, Inc. dba Haffner’s Energy Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy North Incorporated of Lawrence, Massachusetts, has acquired the full-service fuels business of Ayer Oil Co. of Ayer, Massachusetts.

Ayer Oil is a home comfort business that has delivered premium heating oil and HVAC services throughout North Central Massachusetts since 1967.

Haffner’s Energy Group, maintains an operational footprint spanning Northeastern Massachusetts, Southeastern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. Haffner’s Energy Group operates a full-service oil and propane delivery business with HVAC service department, thirteen service stations, two convenience stores, and twelve car washes – all under the Haffner’s brand.

Kevin Horgan and Jeff Black

Kevin Horgan and Jeff Black

Jeff Black from HEG commented that “Ayer Oil was the perfect fit for us geographically as well as customer and employee make up.  We intend to run the business from the existing location with the existing staff under the Ayer Oil brand.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with the folks at Cetane Associates.  Their professionalism and knowledge of the acquisition process assisted both parties.”

Kevin Horgan, owner of Ayer Oil, remarked “I really desired a buyer whose approach to customer and employee relationships mirrored that of my own. Haffner’s Energy Group, a family owned business, really presented a terrific fit in that regard. I worked closely with both Steve Abbate and Josh Wolf at Cetane Associates, LLC and could not be more pleased with their guidance and attention to detail. Having their support and expertise gave me the confidence that my decision was the best one for my customers, my employees and my family.”