General Filters supports needy during Thanksgiving

Written on: November 27, 2017 by ICM

Novi, MI–General Filters employees supported families in need during the Thanksgiving Holiday by donating food and other items that would provide for a complete Thanksgiving meal.  Five families each received a turkey, stuffing, potatoes, apples, brownies and frosting, dinner rolls, green beans, corn, sweet potatoes, and so much more.
Families were selected by the city of Novi’s Youth Services Organization, who also delivered the boxes on General Filters’ behalf.  “We would like to thank the City of Novi, and Barbara Shonibin of Youth Services for their help in locating families that need help”, said Marketing Manager Paige Freeland.  “As life is often unpredictable, we know that any one of us could also find ourselves in a similar position.  We feel blessed that we can do this”, she said.
Meals were packaged inside GeneralAire® Humidifier boxes.
General Thanksgiving Food Boxes