General Filters Presents “Soaring Eagle” Award

Written on: March 6, 2023 by ICM

General Filters, Inc., presented its annual “Soaring Eagle” Award to Mid-Atlantic Sales, the sales agency that best represented General Filters in terms of sales revenue, sales growth, new product sales, the reporting of vital field intelligence and being excellent ambassadors of GFI’s core values. 

John Redner, Owner and VP and Allan Feys, Director of Sales & Business Development, were pleased to present the 2022 award to Tony Blanton of Mid-Atlantic Sales; Blanton has been a valued agent of General Filters for over 20 years.

“Tony is a true gentleman and has been a valued member of the GFI Sales Team for many years,” said Redner.  “This is well-deserved.” 

Added Feys: “Mr. Blanton’s well-focused team inspires one another through their positivity, team-work, and celebration of each other’s successes; a formula to which all could aspire.”

Congratulations to Tony Blanton and the entire team at Mid-Atlantic Sales.