Fujitsu selects R-32 as A2L refrigerant for split systems

Written on: February 14, 2024 by ICM

Fujitsu General America, Inc. announced the development of various ducted and ductless residential, light-commercial and applied products utilizing R-32 refrigerant to reduce the environmental impact of its equipment and comply with the AIM (American Innovation and Manufacturing) Act.

Fujitsu General has been distributing R-32 products worldwide for more than a decade, including its single-spit, multi-split and commercial product categories. The choice of R-32 for the North American region is consistent with the wide global acceptance of the refrigerant. These products will be available in North America in accordance with the regulatory and compliance timelines.   

Fujitsu’s selection of R-32 is also based on its environmental sustainability and increased performance.  In comparison to R-410A, R-32 has a drastically lower GWP and could reduce refrigerant charge in certain equipment by up to 40%.  Its Lifecycle Climate Performance (impact measured from production to disposal) is 30% lower in some cases.  It also offers COP enhancements, providing cost savings to the end user resulting from improved energy efficiency.

The installation process and necessary tools used for R-32 are very similar to R-410A.  When the AIM Act takes effect, Fujitsu will be ready with a full R-32 product lineup and training opportunities to support those lines.  

Fujitsu General America’s President & COO Tomokazu Hosoi said, “To live up to our mission statement—”living together for our future”—Fujitsu is strongly committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our equipment, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while reducing energy consumption.”

Fujitsu General America’s commitment to the contractor and commitment to environmental sustainability are reflected in the selection of R-32 as the refrigerant of choice for various ducted and ductless residential, light-commercial, and applied products.

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