Energy Kinetics announces UL B100 listing on all oil products

Written on: December 6, 2023 by ICM

Energy Kinetics (Lebanon, NJ) has announced the UL B100 up to 100% biodiesel blend listing for their complete line of residential and commercial heat and hot water boilers. Product availability will be coordinated with production and delivery timelines from B100 burner technology manufacturers Carlin Combustion and R.W. Beckett.

Years of collaboration with these industry partners and the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) have enabled development and today’s deployment of these burners on Energy Kinetics boilers that are suitable for use with biodiesel blends up to and including B100, said the company. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps the oilheat industry meet aggressive decarbonization goals.

In addition to biodiesel blends providing a significant evolution in the oilheat industry toward sustainability and a low-carbon future, energy savings can provide a remarkable force multiplier. The NORA Report on Equipment Upgrade Incentive Project demonstrates 25% average savings when upgrading from older boilers to systems that incorporate Energy Kinetics’ well-insulated, low mass, thermal purge design strategy. Forward-looking fuel dealers that offer B100 blends, combined with an upgrade of their customers’ boilers, can cut carbon emissions by almost 85% while significantly reducing heat and hot water costs.

Energy Kinetics’ boiler design strategy begins at the heart of the heating system with a focus on burner combustion. This is achieved with high-performance ceramic and high-temperature alloy combustion chamber designs. The company then builds a specially formulated low mass steel spiral boiler around that heart of the system. This provides combustion for clean-burning operation with oilheat, natural gas and propane, and now integrates with new burner technology for compatibility with blends up to 100% biodiesel (B100). Additional technology enabling energy savings includes the company’s Energy Manager boiler control with thermal purge, an energy recovery feature, and integration with a plate heat exchanger heated hot water storage tank. The combination results in 30-year lifecycle boiler designs that provide comfort, savings, serviceability and overall performance.

The company continues to work on advancements in energy efficiency, decarbonization, and renewable fuels with a goal of enabling a sustainable, cost effective, and comfort driven solutions.

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