EEE’s technical education schedule released

Written on: March 29, 2022 by ICM

The Eastern Energy Expo (EEE) has released its Technical Education schedule. The classes, set for May 23-25, will be held at the Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT.

Monday, May 23

  • How to Turn Today’s Information Into Tomorrow’s Action (Speakers Joe Ciccarello and Marty Kirshner)
  • The Service Call Blueprint: Field Tested Strategies That Lead To Higher Revenue (Speaker Roger Daviston)
  • Managing Fuel Quality and Field Operability of Ultra-low Sulfur Heating Oil and Higher Bio Blends (Speakers Barry Aruda and Mark Smith)
  • Best Practices for Optimizing Efficiencies in Your Service Department for 2022 and Beyond (Speaker Leo Verruso)
  • The Threat of Electrification & The Bioheat® Solution (Speaker Joe Uglietto)
    If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them (Geothermal)
  • Maximize Sales and Service Even When Short-Staffed (Speaker David Heiser)

Tuesday, May 24

  • Boiler Piping for High Efficiency and Reliability (Speaker Cody Mack)
  • Hydronic Systems and Conditions (Speaker Rick Pothier)
  • Minisplit Service and Troubleshooting (Speaker Royal Chadwick)
  • Moving Forward With Biofuel – It’s Impact On Appliance Components and Development of Burner Technology (Speaker John Dunleavey)
  • Rules of Hydronics to Live By For a Seamless Install (Speaker Moe Hirsch)
  • The Importance of Combustion Analysis (Speaker Dan Kelly)
  • Discover Oil System Solutions for Heating Fuels of Today & Tomorrow (Speaker Jim Todd)
  • I-Series Boiler (Speaker Chris Bernier)
  • Polypropylene Venting for Non-Condensing Oilheat Boilers (Speaker Joe Harazim)
  • TracPipe CSST Certification (Speaker Michael DelConte)
  • What You Need to Know When Servicing a High Efficiency Boiler (Speaker Jason Mangos)
  • Foundations of Hydronics (Speaker Tim Doran)
  • Combustion Analysis and Why a Combustion Analyzer is Your Most Versatile Tool (Speaker Tyler Nelson)
  • Fix It Right This Time! It Ain’t Always the Burner! (Speaker Jim Todd)
  • Pumping Away and Other Great Debates in the Boiler Room (Speaker Dave Holdorf)
  • Low Voltage Wiring (Speaker Ken Resnick)
  • Rediscovering Indoor Air Quality (Speakers Rick Pothier and Vinnie Ventura)
  • High Efficiency Boilers – Installation and Operation (Speaker Bob Melinis)
  • The Heart of the System. A Guide to the Spray Nozzle (Speaker Jeff Stembridge)
  • Air Conditioning Troubleshooting With Pressures & Temperatures (Speaker Royal Chadwick)
  • NORA Tech Workshop: The Future of Liquid Heating Fuels
  • cted Comfort/Thermostat Solutions (Speaker Rick Pothier)
  • Venting with Polypro (Speaker George Carey, Jr.)

Wednesday, May 25

  • Advanced Burner Control Programming & Troubleshooting (Speaker Jeff Rozga)
  • How to Select the Perfect Replacement Circ on the Job! (Speaker Dave Holdorf)
  • Indirect Fired Water Heaters – Benefits and Applications (Speaker Anthony Calderone)
  • Studies in Bio-fuel and the Effects on the Fuel Oil Heating Sector (George Hall)
  • What is Combustion and Why is it Important to Set Up a Heating Appliance Correctly (Speaker Dan Dusseault)
  • Ductless & Ducted Heat Pump Technology: New Business Opportunities in a Changing Environment (Speaker Ed Bouchard)
  • An Introduction to Ventilation and UV Air (Speakers Rick Glownia and Rick Pothier)
  • Infared Heating (Speaker Jon Nelson)
  • New Developments in Key Operational and Safety Controls on Today’s Popular Appliances (Speaker Bruce Graham)
  • NFPA31 Updates (Speaker John Levey)
  • Manual D Duct Design & Diagnostics (Speaker Chris Morin)
  • Understanding Propane Regulators using Overpressure Shutoffs (OPSO) and Underpressure Shutoffs (UPSO) (Speaker Peter Dwyer)
  • NORA Tech Workshop: The Future of Liquid Heating Fuels
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters (Speaker David Piantaggini)
  • LP Pipe Sizing & Troubleshooting

Click here for the full Technical Program schedule: