EEE presents XBX Exploring Biodiesel

Written on: February 7, 2019 by ICM

HERSHEY, PA – February 6, 2019
Eastern Energy Expo announced its partnership with the National Biodiesel Board to present XBX Exploring Biodiesel: An Eye on the Horizon on Monday, May 20, 2019 at The Hotel Hershey.
“Eastern Energy Expo is excited to have been chosen by XBX Exploring Biodiesel as one of their 2019 partners. At a time when policymakers are placing constraints on fossil fuels, Biodiesel presents a path forward which will allow us to stay in business,” stated Eric DeGesero, Executive Vice President, Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey, representing Eastern Energy Expo.
This year marks NBB’s roll out of its second annual Exploring Biodiesel (XBX) series, a touring seminar designed to educate diesel fuel distributors and ends users on the benefits and opportunities surrounding biodiesel. This year’s event, which is again being offered complimentary to attendees, will examine biodiesel’s growing prominence in the liquid fuels supply chain. From both technical and practical standpoints, attendees will learn how biodiesel is being utilized in the 21st century energy landscape, and how it can provide a valuable lifeline for diesel fuel distributors and end users facing a wave of carbon-neutral policies on the horizon.

XBX organizer Paul Nazzaro, petroleum liaison for NBB, says the event is aimed at suppliers and end-users of diesel fuel who are interested in the operational, environmental, and cost benefits of biodiesel, and in learning how this market-ready, carbon-neutral fuel can empower their organizations as state and federal carbon reduction policies take effect over the next 10 to 30 years.
DeGesero concluded, “The most exciting part of this XBX program is that it will integrate more of the supply chain than just fuel distributors who have historically been the primary EEE attendees. By expanding the audience to include biodiesel suppliers and end users, we will provide a well-rounded educational experience on the rapidly changing landscape. Not only will attendees benefit from the formal program, they will have the opportunity to network with those who have already adopted biodiesel as a strategy.
For more information, visit or EEE attendee registration is expected to open in early February. However, attendees may register today at for the May 20 program.