From the Editor: Lots of new things!

Written on: July 9, 2013 by Mike SanGiovanni


Well, things are changing. The traditional way we reach our loyal readers is with the printed version of Indoor Comfort Marketing, and we really like talking to you that way; but we also realize you have choices in how you obtain your information. Right now, instead of just one source of information about Indoor Comfort, we’re offering you three sources, all working together, to provide a more up-to-date and timely resource which you, as a reader, can access in the manner that most easily fits your needs.

 For one thing, you’ll find that our internet content provides news and exclusive web-only features that augment the printed version. Take photos, for example. Well, we take a lot of them, choosing what we feel are the most appropriate and informative for the article at hand-but many do not get published, yet may still be of interest to you. Problem solved: our new Image Galleries give you all the extra photos from the latest meeting, event or technical article. You’ll find them in the menu bar on our home page (or click here). (And they’re always at the bottom of this page, of course

The printed version of the magazine also has its own strengths-chief of which is content portability. Take it anywhere. No batteries needed. It builds a library of technical information you can access whenever you need to, and as often as you need to, and provides the detail that is often difficult to comprehend online.

One more thing about the printed issue. The next one that will land on your desk will be the July/August issue. We’re combining issues for several reasons. First, we’ll be able to devote more time to enhancing the content of the printed magazine, and to include more useful information. But there’s only so much space, so when we have an article that begs to be told, but needs more room than we can allot to the printed page, you still get it-as a web exclusive.

And nothing’s lost: all the photos or charts that would accompany the article are there, as is the text, but there’s no limitation on size. And again, we can attach an image gallery to that if need be. Another advantage: you can read it right now, long before the issue is off the press. A good example is our expanded coverage of the first Women in Energy Summit, and its accompanying photo gallery. Take a look at the article here, and check out the photos here. 

News is also something that seems more comfortable in the ‘cloud’. It simply cannot wait for a publication schedule-even daily newspapers can’t keep up with web-based news–so our website, Facebook and Twitter pages will bring you up-to-date news that no monthly publication can provide. The best of both worlds.

Remember those old days when people actually wrote letters to the editor of magazines and newspapers. We see fewer of them these days, and one of the reasons is the emergence of social media. When you visit Indoor Comfort Marketing’s Facebook and Twitter pages, send us your feedback. We want your comments (and likes), and anyway, could it get any easier? The Facebook page is here, and Twitter here. 

The third arm of our ‘information triumvirate’ is E-News. As a subscriber, if you wish, you can receive timely E-News from ICM and its editorial staff. You have lots of choices!

The printed magazine, internet, e-news…they’re all there for you, all free. Whatever you want and whatever you need. So, if you haven’t subscribed, or renewed your subscription, please click on the link above or here and do so right away. 

Oh, and don’t forget to write!