Eastern Energy Expo Combines Three Industry Events Into One

Written on: June 30, 2016 by ICM

The Urban Dictionary defines “buzz” as “Anything that creates excitement or stimulus.” It might as well have been talking about the Eastern Energy Expo.
Held in Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut in May, this three-way venture had “buzz” before, during and after. With a crowd of more than 4,000 (larger than seen in many years), more than 250 exhibitors and 50 education programs, the Eastern Energy Expo
(EEE) answered the wish of many in the industry to combine, consolidate and condense the very busy and geographically diverse spring shows and convention season.
As always, these events are measured, in large part, by the traffic on the trade show floor and EEE would be no different. From the actual number of people on the floor to the comments from many exhibitors, EEE certainly measured up to the high expectations, perhaps even exceeding them.
OESP Officers and Awards
OESP took advantage of the event to announce its
annual award winners, scholoarship awardees and
officers. The following were sworn in as officers for the
2016-2018 Board.
• President: Ralph Adams, Parker Fuel Co., Mid-
Atlantic Chapter
• Vice-President: George Fantacone, Santoro
Oil Co., Rhode Island Chapter
• Vice-President: Scott Vadino, Harriett’s
Energy, South Jersey Chapter
• Vice-President: Angel Gonzalez, Carlin-
Hydrolevel, New York City Chapter
• Vice-President: Curtis Reynolds, White Mtn
Oil & Propane, NH-VT Chapter
• Treasurer: Bob O’Brien, Technical Heating, L.I.
Oilheating & Cooling Chapter
• Secretary: Paul Cuprewich, J.W. Pierson Co.,
Garden State Chapter
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