DiversiTech acquires Big Goose HVAC condensate sensors

Written on: July 18, 2022 by ICM

DiversiTech Corp. has acquired the Big Goose line of HVAC latching condensate float switches for an undisclosed sum. The switches will become part of DiversiTech’s Asurity Condensate Management system.

The patented and patent-pending condensate float switches feature a latching mechanism that prevents the unit from turning on after tripping until a technician addresses the reason for the condensate blockage. This eliminates the electrical chatter which may cause damage to HVAC equipment. Simply reset the switch with a push of a button. The switches also incorporate a unique float design which is not prone to sticking.

“These innovative float switches from Big Goose are a natural addition to our Asurity line and will provide technicians another great option in achieving a robust condensate system implementation, eliminating a top reason for callbacks. Contractors who follow our installation guidelines qualify for the Asurity Promise which provides contractors an extra level of assurance,” said Franco Daino, VP, Product Line Management & Marketing at DiversiTech.

Visit diversitech.com or asurityhvacr.com.