Disinfectant D7 by Decon7 now available as IAQ solution

Written on: February 8, 2024 by ICM

The need to improve indoor air continues to challenge the HVAC industry as viruses, allergens and other harmful microorganisms circulate and impact the health of homeowners and building occupants. Now wholesalers and contractors can augment their indoor air quality (IAQ) offerings with a versatile solution from Decon7 Systems: a disinfectant for HVAC system components that the company says is proven to kill harmful pathogens that thrive in these systems and can cause health issues.

D7 is an EPA-registered disinfectant, deodorizer, sanitizer and cleaner with a kill rate of up to 99.9999%. This helps provide contractors with a powerful solution to kill pathogens that collect in evaporator coils and on fan blades; it can also be fogged into ductwork for deodorization (not in California) and foamed into drains as a deodorizer.  

Decon7 Systems is the developer and producer of D7, a disinfectant used in multiple industries to kill pathogens, including norovirus, SARS-Co-V2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), and bacteria such as Staph and Legionella.

Additionally, D7 has been verified as effective in eliminating several types of molds including Aspergillus Niger (black mold). D7 is composed of mild ingredients with a pH close to neutral, making it safe on a wide range of surfaces in residential and commercial properties.

Decon7 is already partnering with numerous wholesalers in various parts of the U.S.  Complete product descriptions are available at Decon7.com. View the product labels on the website for a comprehensive list of pathogens killed, application methods and directions for use.