January 2019

DE Duffey & Sons give new furnace to Germantown man

Old furnace hailed from 1952

Michael Gallina of Germantown, PA was the winner of a new furnace from DE Duffey & Sons, according to chestnuthilllocal.com. Gallina was one of 50 entrants in a 2018 contest for the “Ugliest Boiler.” DE Duffey & Sons is a 120 year-old home heating oil and HVAC provider based in Conshohocken, PA. Gallina’s heating system was originally installed when his parents built the home in 1952.

The full story is located here: https://www.chestnuthilllocal.com/2019/01/11/germantown-man-wins-new-furnace-from-duffey-sons/