Daikin Reveals Plans for New Goodman Facility

Written on: January 9, 2015 by ICM

Daikin Industries Ltd. announced plans to build a 3.7 million square foot, $417 million complex and factory near Houston as part of an expansion of the company’s Goodman Global Group, Inc. operations, which it acquired in 2012.
The new campus, called Comfortplex, will serve as a hub for the Japanese-based manufacturer of air conditioning units to distribute in the U.S. the products it already markets domestically. Residential and commercial heating and cooling systems under the brand names Daikin, Goodman and Amana.
Located in Hockley, TX (about 35 miles northwest of Downtown Houston), the complex will occupy 90 acres of land along U.S. Highway 290 and near Texas State Highway 99. The expansion will lead Goodman to consolidate, ceasing operations at existing plants in Texas and Tennessee.
daikin20logoDaikin says the new factory will reduce manufacturing costs and expedite distribution to the U.S. market, which the company hopes will embrace their Japanese-style systems for their energy efficiency. Part of this effort involves harnessing Goodman’s brand recognition to reach out directly to consumers; Daikin began airing TV commercials in the U.S. in 2014.