Climate Leader Award – Costa Constantinides – New York City Council Member

Written on: January 19, 2017 by ICM

New York City has been a leader on biodiesel and clean air issues, taking a giant leap forward in 2016. In September, the New York City Council voted overwhelmingly to pass INT. 642-A, led by Council Member Costa Constantinides, that creates a fuel standard for heating oil that includes increasing amounts of biodiesel over time. The measure grows the amount of biodiesel in heating oil in the City from the current two percent level to five percent October 1, 2017. The blend level then moves to 10 percent in 2025, 15 percent in 2030, and 20 percent in 2034.
Constantinides has long been a champion of improving air quality in the city and recognizes policies that reduce the fossil fuel content of heating oil and increase the use of cleaner-burning, renewable energy will pay dividends from a health perspective. Constantinides represents the New York City Council’s 22nd District, and serves as the chair of the City Council’s Environmental Protection Committee.
It is estimated that the increase from a two percent biodiesel blend to a five percent blend in the City would reduce the emissions equivalent to taking 45,000 cars off the road with the increase to 20 percent the equivalent of removing more than a quarter of a million cars.