Cheshire Oil Sells Heating Business to Dead River Co.

Written on: July 10, 2018 by ICM

Cheshire Oil Co. of Keene, ME has sold its heating business to Dead River Co. of South Portland, ME. The deal does not include other facets of the 97-year-old Cheshire Oil’s business, such as storage units and convenience stores, or the status of employees, according to a report by The Keene Sentinel. According to the letter on Cheshire Oil’s website, Dead River Co. will honor the terms of existing Cheshire Oil service plans until their expiration dates, at which point customers will be notified of any changes. Dead River Co. has provided heating services in Keene since 2012. The company was founded as a forest products business in 1906 and entered the petroleum industry 30 years later by acquiring a heating oil company and a small chain of gas stations. Dead River Co. has offices in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.