Carrier’s new air monitor helps homeowners understand air quality

Written on: November 3, 2021 by ICM

Carrier has introduced a new air monitor—a simple, cost-effective way to monitor the quality of indoor air in almost any room of a house, apartment or office space—and the most recent addition to Carrier’s growing suite of Healthy Homes solutions.

People are more focused on the health of their indoor environments than ever before, Carrier said, making it imperative to take steps to improve living and working spaces, including the air they breathe.

Users simply place the Carrier air monitor in their room of choice, plug it in and connect the device to the Carrier Home app. The air monitor continuously samples the air in the room, measures levels of particulates and features sensors that detect the level of fine particles (2.5 microns or smaller) that may be associated with health effects such as potential lung damage, asthma development and increased allergy symptoms. The monitor features an LED ring light that provides instant, constant air quality status.

For spaces that may have high levels of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs), the Carrier air monitor includes a sensor that detects the concentration of such compounds, which can be emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids and may be linked with potential health concerns.

Consumers can use the Carrier Home app to access their air monitor’s output from anywhere. The app has the capability to pair with multiple Carrier Healthy Home devices on a single dashboard. The app paired with the Carrier air monitor offers a number of useful features including:

  • Shares a Carrier indoor air health score.
  • Provides indoor air quality concentration for certain pollutants (PM5: 2.5 microns or smaller), TVOCs, relative humidity & temperature.
  • Provides personalized notifications of current and trending air quality in the space.
  • Provides educational information about PM5, TVOCs and relative humidity.
  • Gives an update on the current outdoor air quality.

“Our new air monitor allows users to learn more about their indoor air quality within their living spaces,” said Holly Rhodes, Associate Director, Indoor Air Quality Products, Carrier. “Understanding these unique conditions makes the invisible – the quality of the air we breathe – visible and allows consumers to uncover and improve potentially hidden issues in order to help create a healthier indoor environment.”