Carrier launches new residential products

Written on: September 2, 2021 by ICM

Carrier has introduced the Infinity Return Air Purifier to help inactivate Coronavirus in filtered air to help create a healthier home. Installed and mounted in the return air duct, the air purifier offers proven, third-party tested effectiveness in inactivating 99% of select airborne viruses and germs, including coronavirus trapped by the MERV 15 filter.

Infinity return air purifier

The Infinity return air purifier, a part of the Healthy Homes suite of Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program’s indoor air quality solutions, offers a quiet-operating, MERV 15 measure of efficiency for residential air filters. In addition, it’s ideal for applications where the furnace air handler is not easily accessed by the homeowner. Minimal maintenance is required, including filter cartridge replacement and occasional inspection/brush cleaning of the ionization panel. Plus, the Infinity return air purifier is installed inside the living space, allowing for convenient and easy filter cartridge replacement.
“Americans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, where concentrations of some pollutants are often two to five times higher than outside air,” said Holly Rhodes, Associate Director, Indoor Air Quality Products, Carrier. “Carrier is constantly striving to innovate and create products that will help families make their indoor environments healthier. The Infinity return air purifier provides an effective and low-maintenance option for homeowners to help inactivate airborne viruses and pathogens in their home as part of a mitigation strategy including hand washing, sanitization and other measures recommended by health experts.”
The Infinity return air purifier features Captures & Kills technology with three steps:

  • Creating a “cloud” of electrically charged ions to attach to airborne dust, pollen, viruses, germs and other particles as they pass through.
  • Pulling the ionized particles toward an oppositely charged, pleated MERV 15 rated filter and capturing at an extremely high rate.
  • The airborne microbes remaining on the pleated filter (instead of recirculating) an being subjected to an intense electric field to inactivate 99% of select viruses and bacteria.

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In other news, Carrier launched a new line of hybrid solutions, which connects the 38MARB ductless single-zone outdoor unit to a Carrier residential indoor unit via 24-volt (24V) interface technology. These solutions offer homeowners versatility while also providing excellent energy efficiency. In addition, Carrier’s ductless hybrid combinations can achieve a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) up to 19 and a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) up to 12.5 (based on unit size and type).

Ductless unit

Carrier ductless hybrid solutions are off-the-shelf combinations using already-available Carrier units, as the 38MARB can be paired with select existing Carrier air handlers, fan coils and furnaces. The combinations come to life with patented 24V interface technology that connects the indoor and outdoor units to perform seamlessly. In addition, the outdoor ductless unit performs using its inverter compressor to operate as a variable-speed unit.
Available in outdoor unit sizes from 12k-36k, ductless hybrid solutions are ideal for any size home, as multiple outdoor units can be paired with multiple fan coils or furnace case coils to accommodate any square footage in the home. Plus, these systems can also be operated using third-party thermostats.
“Our new ductless hybrid solutions offer a great amount of flexibility for homeowners and dealers alike,” said Paul Rebelo, Managing Director North America, Ductless and VRF, Carrier. “Not only do the solutions offer impressive efficiency ratings, but they can be used in many combinations with current equipment. This will allow for supreme versatility in the equipment and systems our dealer network is able to offer its customers.”
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