Carrier launches new evaporator coil for AC

Written on: February 14, 2022 by ICM

Carrier’s new Vertex Efficiency Coil, a patent-pending technology for use in air-conditioning systems, was designed to meet 2023 minimum efficiency standards by the U.S. Department of Energy and improve corrosion resistance to prolong coil life.

“Vertex technology is a lighter, highly innovative evaporator coil that delivers greater efficiency and durability with the same footprint and comparable heights as the current evaporator coils that it’s replacing,” said Mark Lampe, Product Marketing, Residential HVAC, Carrier.

Fifteen patents are pending on the new V-shaped indoor coil and include several distinct design features such as V-shaped channels to move water away from the coil’s superheated region, unique geometry to reduce condensate sweating, a lighter, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction and brazed joints that are positioned away from condensate.

Carrier also designed the new coil with Vertex technology for ease of installation. The installation process will remain the same as the current evaporator coils; however, service is improved with a front-mounted TXV and full access to all sides of the coil for cleaning. The evaporator coil with Vertex technology also uses the same 3/8″ liquid line inlet and line-set connection as the current coils, is up to 46% lighter weight than current coils and has the same footprint and comparable heights, to help make system replacement fast, easy and hassle-free.