Cargas announces Phase 2 of integration with P3 Propane Safety

Written on: August 10, 2023 by ICM

P3 Propane Safety and Cargas Energy have announced that Phase 2 of their integration has been released, which includes new features developed on behalf of mutual customers shared by the two software platforms.

Cargas and P3 released a Phase 1 integration in September 2020. This release facilitated the passing of data from Cargas to P3. This includes daily gains and losses and Cargas customer account numbers, names, and addresses.

The newest release, Phase 2, links Cargas accounts directly to the equivalent account within the P3 Compliance System at the click of a button. This functionality allows users to quickly view relevant propane safety documentation. To learn more about the Phase 2 integration, watch this YouTube video from P3 Propane Safety.

Propane marketers across the country are already making the most of the advancement in Cargas’ Phase 2 integration with P3. Bob Long, President of Long Energy, mutual client of Cargas Energy and P3 Propane Safety, said of the new integration, “This is a big time-saver for our team and helps us avoid redundancy in our daily operations.”

Jane Lapsley, Integrations Director of P3 Propane Safety, stated, “We are pleased to have had the opportunity to release Phase 2 of our integration with Cargas Energy, and we look forward to continuing to improve our features to benefit our mutual clients.”


Phase 2 of the Cargas Energy/P3 Propane Safety integration is designed for Cargas versions 2022.07 and newer.