Burchoil Celebrates 90 years

Written on: May 11, 2018 by ICM

Maryland-based Burchoil, which was founded in 1920 by 49-year-old farmer Samuel Bernard Burch, is celebrating 90 years in May, according to thebaynet.com. Burch allegedly started an oil company due to the low cash yields from tobacco and lumber, and the influence of a cousin in Baltimore, Thad Burch, who owned the Burch Oil Company of Baltimore. Together, Samuel Bernard Burch, Thad Burch and Thad’s son, Joe began a partnership that became Burch Oil Company of Southern Maryland. Although the company has expanded to convenience stores/gas stations called Burchmart, bought other oil companies, has propane, a water softening and lubricants business, a heating and air conditioning division, and a Dairy Queen franchise, the company’s fourth generation still sells its most well known product – heating oil.