Bovio Heating & Air Conditioning Testifies on Behalf of HOMES Act

Written on: July 9, 2013 by ICM

Efficiency First contractor and Vice President of Bovio Heating & Air Conditioning, Brian Bovio, recently testified to the United States House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee to insist rebates of home energy efficiency upgrades for homeowners.
As a residential energy efficiency incentive, the HOMES Act is designed to stimulate private investment and job creation, while propelling savings directly to American households. With this bill, homeowners will be provided incentives and rebates to assist with covering the cost of a home energy efficiency upgrade.
Homeowners can begin to save money on energy efficient upgrades by hiring an accredited contractor to perform their work. Bovio Heating & Air Conditioning is a heating repair company near Cherry Hill, NJ that supports energy efficiency and green living. Before consulting with a contractor, a home energy audit will be conducted. During the audit, the homeowner will be allowed to elect the desired energy savings for the home, along with being able to scale the project according to their home’s specific budgets and needs.
As a qualified contractor, Bovio Heating & Air Conditioning will carry out a qualified retrofit under the HOMES Act. The homeowner’s rebate will be based on the estimated energy savings beginning at $2,000 for a 20–24 percent reduction in home energy use up to $8,000 for a 50 percent or more reduction in home energy use. The homeowner will be paying for at least half of the upgrade since rebates may not exceed 50 percent of costs.
As part of his testimonial, Brian Bovio stated “Despite horrendous economic conditions over the past few years, we have been able to grow our business thanks to our transition to a Home Performance contracting company.” Bovio has been successful with the spending of bi-partisan support from New Jersey on public dollars and incentive programs. “Incentive programs have proven to be important parts of scaling this industry and the HOMES Act will help build on that success,” Bovio added.
About Bovio Heating & Air Conditioning:
For over 39 years, Bovio Heating & Air Conditioning has been servicing Southern New Jersey. A fully licensed and insured company, they do it all, from repairs to installations, residential to industrial. The HVAC contractors in NJ at Bovio believe the company’s strength lies in their years of experience, the high standard they set for their quality of work, and their unfaltering dedication to their customers. For three generations Bovio has kept these ideals at the forefront of their operations, allowing them to continue to be one of the leading heating contractors in New Jersey.