Bob Levins joins Angus Analytics

Written on: May 18, 2023 by ICM

Angus Analytics announced that Bob Levins is now serving in the role of Managing Partner – Performance Analytics. In the position, Levins will play a leading role in the development, sales, and delivery of the BRITE business intelligence solution to the retail fuel industry, and ADEPT™ Angus Delivery Efficiency Planning Tools.

In the last 10 years, Levins has been heavily involved with the evolution of BRITE and ADEPT, positioning them to meet the ever-changing needs of dealers. He has become recognized as a foremost authority on fuel business operations and technology ecosystems.

“The knowledge and experience I have gained over the years from dealing with our very successful clients, coupled with Angus’ continuous commitment to delivering leading-edge performance solutions that make a difference, allowed me to give back now what I have learned in a most meaningful and impactful way,” Levins said about this new role.

Phil Baratz, CEO of Angus Energy, remarked, “Having him as a key leader in our analytics group drives benefits throughout the organization and is key in enabling Angus to offer a vast variety of services to our clients.”