Bluon’s support platform reaches one-third of all HVAC technicians in the U.S.

Written on: March 14, 2022 by ICM

Bluon, Inc., and its Bluon support app for HVAC-R technicians, announced a major milestone—100,000 technicians have become members on the platform.

The mobile app makes HVAC technicians in the field notably more productive, efficient and capable, Bluon said. More than 30% of all HVAC-R technicians in the U.S. market are now Bluon members, representing the largest aggregation of demand in the $70B US HVAC-R market on a single platform.

“This is a pivotal moment in the HVAC-R industry, as technicians have chosen to come together to form a collective voice through Bluon’s platform,” said Danica Bunnett, COO at Bluon. “For the first time, technicians have a support system that truly understands them and their needs, resulting in practical tools and resources that positively impact their lives.”

By making technicians more productive, Bluon is solving the biggest challenge facing the HVAC-R industry—the skilled labor shortage. Ultimately, Bluon enables contractors to complete more jobs every day, creating more revenue for HVAC-R distributors and HVAC-R OEMs industry-wide, Bluon said.

Bluon is also set to launch a brand-agnostic and distributor-agnostic E-commerce platform. Technicians will now be able to easily identify and order replacement parts directly on the Bluon mobile app from thousands of brick-and-mortar HVAC-R distributors across the country, regardless of the equipment manufacturer or needed part.